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This Model describes light/energy in terms of “Relativity Ratios.”


[Here is a brief introduction for the Celestial Cosmology, initially represented as the "Milky Way Model" in Scot Aaron's 2003 book God’s Science [amazon.com]. The first sentence on the back cover aptly states: "Put God Back in the Center of Science!" We could interpret "God" in various ways as do the major world religious traditions. Scot Aaron realizes all understandings of "God" connect to personal experiences of God, and can be understood "within." May you read this presentation with open awareness and connect to its source.]

With this Celestial Cosmology you can PLUG-IN for the Transformation of Earth into Light:
Yes, as if an "Earth Star"

Spiritual Astronomy examines reality by combining core spiritual/religious understandings with scientific data, especially astrophysics and particular celestial/stellar structures. After reading piles of books on papers on the subject, and speaking directly to more than 40 top astrophysicists, Scot Aaron develops a spiritually based cosmology which he currently calls the "Celestial Cosmology." Being inspired by his academic studies, numerous travels, and worship experiences in World Religions, he harnesses solid physical data to En-lighten Earth reality! Yes, from fellow humans to Celestial Light that represent the power of God / the Higher "Self" / all Existence. He says, "Simply put, may individuals live fruitfully, transform negativity into positives, and responsibly celebrate shared experiences. Most importantly, may all with spiritual awareness realize [and actualize] our Earth destiny as LIGHT."


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Encompass primary "Dimensions" of Reality. Fill "Levels of Consciouess" with Light.


Before getting to Einstein’s relativity, a breakthrough for 20th century science, examine/interpret what ancient religions say about God and humans.

Unas' Pyramid Text, considered Earth’s oldest liturgy from 4400 years ago [see image below], clearly presents physical life as preparations for an Afterlife; in fact, our primary purpose for physical life on Earth "might be" to unfold meta-physical energies during an afterlife. [As Scot Aaron asks, "Do we relate to the apex of pyramids, connecting with and circulating our brightest, most powerful reflections as Celestial Light? Physical Light, realized spiritually, can guide, inspire, transform, and enlighten."]


The Father of Unas, Atum [the All] seizes the arm of Unas, and assigns Unas to those gods who are quick and clever, the Imperishable Stars. … The land into which Unas goes, he will not thirst in it, he will not hunger in it, eternally. [Utterance 269]

To say: The sky is serene, Sirius/Sothis lives [i.e. shines] [Sirius, the brightest star in our sky, was considered the Goddess Sothis by ancient Egyptians. In this Pyramid Text, she introduces Unas to the Celestial realm of the stars, joining, as it were, his "Celestial Siblings."], for it is Unas who is indeed the living star, the son of Sirius/Sothis. [Utterance 302, The Pyramid Text of Unas, translated by Piankoff, 1968]

The Pyramid of Unas is from the 5th Dynasty is in the top image;
[see the Pyramid of Djoser [Zoser] from the 3rd Dynasty is in the background.
[Note Djoser Pyramid is the 1st one ever built. The Great Pyramid in
Giza is 4th Dynasty, and is primarily barren of all hieroglyphic inscriptions.]
Notice 5-pointed stars that cover the ceilings in every chamber,
while Unas' "Pyramid Text" cover the walls. These texts [funerary
prayers/ utterances] evolve into the "Coffin Texts," then to the "Book of the Awakening"
[i.e. the Egyptian Book of the Dead], primarily in the New Kingdom, almost 1000 years later.

The earliest Hindu Vedic Scriptures state Tat Tvam Asi, “That Thou Art.” Accordingly, humans exist to realize/awaken their inner connection with God/Existence, and share this embodiment. According to Eastern thought, all energies recycle/reincarnate to realize alignments of karma/dharma with embodiments of God/Existence.

Within Christian thought, people can become “joint heirs” with Christ [Romans 8:17], Christ representing the "beginning" and "end." After tasting from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil [as if positive and negative polarities], the Bible states: And the LORD God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat and live forever. … [where was placed] a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way." [Genesis 3:22, 24]

From an ancient Egyptian perspective of "Realizing" the Self or Soul with the Stars, the "flashing" scintillation of a "flaming sword" can represent significant Celestial Light.

Images: "Jet" of Virgo A [M87] in X-ray and Optical light; a Quasar jet; & Cen A [AGN, Active Galactic Nuclei]

["Big Bang Theory" interpretations of Redshift "z =" presents distances of 55 million, 10 billion and 11 million light years away; M87's jet is said to be 6000 light years long compared to the PKS "Quasar" jet of a 1 million light year length. [Credits: God's Science p.174: M87 and Cen A, Chandra Photo Album Sept. 26, 2001 and Aug. 6, 2001; PKS 1127-145, Siemiginowska 2002]

Note: Spiritual Astronomy rejects the Big Bang Theory, and applies a "Relativity Ratio" for its cosmological model. ]

*** For Image Credits, link the Name and Date in the Bibliography of God's Science.

Rather than outlandish or extreme distance and size claims to support a Big Bang Theory, Scot Aaron's Celestial Cosmology compares realms of existence from a "relative" perspectives. Where is "Awareness?" God [Divinely Inspired Awareness] and humans realize separate "relative" perspectives. Psalms 90:4 and 2 Peter 3:8 in the Old and New Testaments refer to a day of God compared to 1000 human years. This [365 days times 1000 years] can be understood as a simple Relativity Ratio of 1 to 365,000.Consider one day inspired by divine-like pulsations of X-ray power, compared to 1000 years of days that we travel through visible light around our Sun. [Note: the Celestial Cosmology uses a 400,000 Relativity Ratio for the "Fall / Expansion" of time and space. This primary "working" Relativity Ratio was discovered independent of the Bible comparison, and is based on various structural factors in Cosmos and Solar System; however it is nice to see how inspired Biblical verse from the New and Old Testament affirm the Celestial Cosmology [and vice-versa].]

Again, Scot Aaron develops the concept of a RELATIVTY RATIO after studying essential cosmic structures and how they seem to fit together -- as if a "map," that only awaited Earth's scientific, technological developments to present enough accurate data to "see" clearly. As shown above, the concept of a Relativity "Ratio" is a simple comparison, a relationship. The popular Genesis account of Creation provides its analogy of a BEFORE and AFTER. The "Before" [a Pre-existence] is when everything is created in 6 so-called God-Days; the "After" is often thought of as a FALL from God's Divine influence. Again, Spiritual Astronomy uses a primary 400,000 Relativity Ratio to compare the "Relative" Realms of Before and After. The chart below shows how the 400,000 Relativity Ratio fits with Einstein's equations of "Time Dilation" and "Contraction of Length."

Scot Aaron tries to share the concept of Relativity in simple terms where one "realm" relates to another RELATIVE "realm." Try to think about commonly understood relationships. All of us can pretty much relate to the approximate 6000 years of recorded history. For example, we can read writings and examine monuments through the approximate 3000 + years of ancient Egypt. The 1st Dynasty extends all the way through the Greek and Roman rulers. The geologist's million and billion year dates [i.e. from radioactive measurements] can ONLY fit into our experiences of Earth Reality in terms of Relativity; that is with a simple REALITVE Comparison. In his Spiritual Astronomy, Scot Aaron looks at our "Relative time" on Earth in terms of a Light Year, basically 10,000 years [i.e. with Earth traveling 30 km / sec]. This 10,000 years essentially fits with when the vast diversity of plant and animal life occur after the last Ice Age. The example below shows Space [as Length] with the 400,0000 Relativity Ratio. Here, Scot Aaron shows our astronomical "Local Group" space [which he extends to the furthest we can see with our Natural Eyes, the Great Andromeda Galaxy]. [Note M31 / Andromeda forms a nice perimeter. This galaxy is essentially the same size as our Milky Way Galaxy, yet appears in nice, almost evolved galactic forms, having nicely arranged all of its molecular dust clouds around its double nucleus.] As will be seen, the "Contraction of Length" relates to a "Seed Form," that we can structurally observe in active Supernova Remnants.

[Scot Aaron presents Einstein's Time Dilation and Contraction of Length as in the university-level physics textbooks. Here the Speed of Light is Constant ["c" ] where a 1 is often used, compared to a percentage of Light Speed. In the case of the 400,000 times Relative Ratio used in the Celestial Cosmology, "matter" [best understood as intimately connected Spirit / Spiritual Awareness ] travels almost at the Light Spirit [notice the 0.9999....].]


Here you can see the how the "Relativity Ratio" works with Einstein's Equations of Time Dilation and Contraction of Length.

What is so great about the Celestial Cosmology and how this Primary RELATVITY RATIO works, and how Spiritual Astronomy relates to our human consciousness, connected with Earth's destiny. Take Earth's orbit from the Sun [about 150 million km] and multiply / expand by the 400,000 Relativity Ratio and we get to our essential "Seed Space." [This is roughly the average to our closest stars. [To make it easy, Scot Aaron looks at a simple structure from an average of Earth's 2 closest stars that we can see with our natural eyes. Simply average the distance of Sirius our brightest visible light star and Rigil Kentaurus [Alpha Cen]: 8.6 + 4.4 = 6.5 Light Years. This is our basic space around us until we start getting to nearby suns / stars.]

As mentioned in the amazon.com comment where Scot Aaron's book is "more like a reference book full of footnotes," we can go to page 63 and see Earth's 150 million kilometer orbital radius [1 A.U.], times 400,000. This is 6.34 light Years. [Note, a light year is 9.46 x 10^12 kilometers.] Even as God's Seed "Expanded" 400,000 times from our Galactic Center, so with our "En-lightenment" we can realize "we are" the Seed Space, [as if ONE with the Cosmos]. .... So let's continue with Spiritual Astronomy and its Celestial Cosmology.... Hopefully you like the images [which primarily stem from Scot Aaron's book].


Ever since a child, Scot Aaron sought to understand the mind of God and the "Creation." Like many, he loved to learn about science, developing ideas based on his in- depth studies of the World Religions. His first book [a novel that is now destroyed], tried to present the creation of Earth through a fiction story about 3 artist discovering a "bridge of time and space," ultimately connected with galactic supernovas and their remnants. [Actually the plot centered on plans to enact a shaman-like experience at Chaco Canyon, a sacred location where the Crab Supernova explosion in 1054 AD is painted on a rock overhanging.] This writing started in 1991 [the year of his University graduation], and surrounded a plot about the "Fall" of the Classical Mayan Empire. Here he connected to the Mayan Long Count Calendar, "rounds" of time, time that continuously [even eternally] rise and fall to begin anew ....

In 2000, after completing his 1st book in print, "Get Free from the Chains of Pain" he chose to prove his inspiration about the Spiritual Creation of Earth and our Cosmos. This led him to learn more about the sciences [especially geology and geophysics], and research at institutes in Munich Germany. One of the initial telephone conversations with an astrophysicist concerned the so-called "isotopic / radioactive" dating of Earth rocks where we are led to believe that our Earth existed has existed for billions of years. Yes, as Scot Aaron thought, physical matter close to a Neutron Star [a Pulsar] would have a much different "radioactive clock." [Basically fitting with Einstein's Relativity, due to the mass / energy of the pulsating neutron star.] Later, in his more complete Astrophysical studies, he found that the 1st extra-solar Earth-size planet orbits a pulsar. How can an Astronomer's "standard model" explain this? Of course the evidence of a Supernova Remnant surrounding our Galactic Center [that Astronomers say is about 20,000 years old], seems to perfectly fit with a Spiritual Astronomy and Scot Aaron's Celestial Cosmology. Also, there appear to be many so-called young stars in our Galactic Center. What are they doing there? All of this data fits with a "Relativity Ratio" understanding of Spiritual Astronomy.

Now, it may be true that all these numbers and astronomical ideas might be "over the heads" of common folk who do not like academia, or who dislike pressing their intellectual capacity in order to learn all they can [something typically required for good students, philosophers, or deep thinkers]; yet this Celestial Cosmology by Scot Aaron is meant to last. In other words it needs to make sense and use all the actually evidence [the data] that is available from great telescopes across the spectrum of light [from Radio to Visible Light to X-ray and Gamma Ray]. So let's infer about a "Cosmic Seed" in our Galactic Center. In God's Science, Scot Aaron calls this a "Supernova Circle." He infers this from active Supernova Remnants [SNR] like the Crab and Vela SNR, for example. So let's take a look at our Galactic Center.

All stars in our Milky Way Galaxy orbit our Galactic Center [Sagittarius A East].
It is in the cloudy "Milky Way" band in a clear night sky, in the constellation of Sagittarius, yet towards Scorpius.

This image shows the structure of our orbital center in the Milky Way Galaxy, "Sagittarius A East." The red dot is the actual center, Sgr A*
[Sagittarius A Star]. This is surrounded by a "mini-spiral" Sgr A West. The [6cm] Radio image in the background is overlaid with molecular "clumps" of gas.
About 24 "clumps" are traced and shown to the right. [Note, the image is adjusted in galactic coordinates.]

According to the Celestial Cosmology, our cosmos [essentially contained within our Local Group] "Expands" from a Pre-existent "Supernova Circle." This inferred space is about 6.3 light years, currently [roughly] measured as the region of Sgr A West [i.e. the yellowish region around the red dot shown in the image above]. The variations measured in the CMB, Cosmic Microwave Background radiation [wiki] would relate to "molecular clumps" in the Galactic Center -- as if "PROJECTED" around us during the "Expansion" of Space some 10,000 years ago [i.e. according to the Celestial Cosmology].

This image presents microwave background variation on a galactic map. Oval lines are added just as seen with clumps of molecular matter in our galactic center.
The point is to show that energy variations in a Cosmic "Seed Form" continue around us as Microwave Background Radiation.




With Spiritual Astronomy we can see a representative “Seed” for our Cosmos; this is established in what we can think of as our "Relative Pre-existence.” The Seed can be most simply represented as the dynamic regions surrounding a Supernova core. [Here we can infer/learn from active Supernova Remnants [SNR] like the Vela or Crab SNR. [See images below.] Our galactic, orbital center, Sagittarius A East or Sgr A East, is an expanded Supernova Remnant said to be about 20,000 years old. [Spiritual Astronomy sees this 20,000 years as an relative 10,000 years in a Spirit Preexistence and our 10,000 year "Light Year" on Earth.]


This image "infers" the structure of our Pre-existent "Seed" in our Galactic Center [left side]. Again, this model [our Celestial Cosmology] is based on the given structures of our Solar System and Local Group. If you study the simplicity of our given structure of space [on the Left Side], you will hopefully "wake up" to how beautifully simple the creation of our "Light Year" time and space truly is. This Model infers about the physical and spiritual structure our Pre-existent "Seed Form." Scot Aaron shows the 4 primary stars in our galaxy, a Neutron Star [pulsar], a "White Dwarf" Carbon Star, a Yellow Sun, and a Giant Star. All stars around us connect with the Light of our consciousness, established to "transform" Earth into Light, i.e. a primary purpose [stage] for the Creation.* Notice the simple structure, the Carbon Star is about 4000 times the core radius of a Neutron Star [i.e. pure matter, void of electron and proton polarities]; our Yellow-Sun is basically 100 times the Carbon Star, while Earth's Orbit [1 A. U. / 1 Astronomical Unit] is 100 times further than the essential radius [with the active corona] of our Sun.** Or go the other way and divide our orbital Earth radius by 10,000, and it is as if our Earth is Carbon "Earth Star" orbiting orbiting in our Solar Center. [See the image below of Sirius as a Carbon Star - Yellow Sun pair.] Extend 400,000 times our Earth Orbit [to 400,000 A. u.] and we reach the basic perimeter of our "Pre-existent" Cosmic Seed. The 1st Ring and 2nd Ring are essential elements, better seen and explained when observing the Vela and Crab Pulsars.[See the modeling of the Vela and Crab Pulsars.]

The Right Side presents inner stars and star orbits within our galactic center. The "x" marks present stars within a 4000 A. u. space of our Galactic Center. The S0-16, S1 and S2 are the star names for the closest orbital stars around Sgr. A* [Sagittarius A star] in the center of our galaxy. S0-16 gets the closest at 40 A. u. and extends out 100 times further to a distance of 4000 A. u. [Note, it amazes astronomers that many so-called "young stars" orbit within our Galactic Center.]

[Image Credits: Left Side -- p. 127 of God's Science ; Top Right, Schodel 2003; Bottom Right, Ghez 2003]

*Note that "brown dwarf" stars exist but these are more like failed stars, similar to our Jupiter or Saturn planets. Giant Stars also include Supergiant Stars with their similar structures.

** Some questions might arise. Oh, 'but the width of Earth is not 15,000 km,' or 'the radius of our Sun is not 1.5 million km.' First this is a working Model and for this Celestial Cosmology, Scot Aaron includes about 1100km of Earth's very important upper atmosphere [basically the limit to where oxygen ions exist]. For the Sun, he essentially includes the powerful Solar Corona. Actually if you do any solar research, the photosphere surface of our Sun is some 5000-6000 kelvin degrees, yet the Corona jumps to millions of degrees; scientists have a tough time explaining why the energy of the Sun [i.e. the temperature] increases when moving away from the gravitational mass.


This presents a composite image of the Sun from the Soho [Solar and Heliospheric Observatory]. [Soho 2002]
Spiritual Astronomy applies the active solar corona in a 1.5 million kilometer radius for the Sun. [The sizes of the planets and Sun
are drawn to scale, except for the "symbolic Carbon Earth Star," orbiting in the Sun's center. The Model in this Celestial Cosmology
show the width of the Earth, 15,0000km, times 100 to the 1.5 million km radius of the Sun; then times 100 to Earth's orbit around the Sun;
times 40 to a basic 6 billion km distance, pluto's average orbit. [These relationships are also in the image above the Sun, shown with a
Carbon Star, Yellow Sun, and Giant Star.

As mentioned above, multiply our Earth Orbit [1 Astronomical Unit] times 400,000 and we get to our "Seed Space." This simple structure with the 400,000 times Relativity Ratio is almost too simple to see; again, as if set up from the beginning to read as our cosmic map. As Scot Aaron says:

This simple map of space is necessary to fulfill Earth's destiny. It is time to "En-lighten" consciousness and transform our planet into Light.

Of course, the mainstream promotes the Big Bang and their billion year dates. It seems that the teachers [especially all those Earth scientists] sell to us, their "paycheck belief." It is as if they have to accept the Big Bang and 4.5 billion year old Earth to get and keep their job. According to their "brainwash," we might as well be like dust, with meaningless, practically pointless lives. [Just sharing a moment of frustrations with all the "big egos" supposedly upholding "intelligence."]

Here are more images from Scot Aaron's book God's Science, to show the Relative "Expansion" from a Pre-existent "Seed Form"

The Top Image present the 400,000 Expansion from a Supernova "Seed Form" in our Galactic Center.
The Lower Image shows Galaxies and Globular Clusters in Milky Way’s Local Group. Positions are approximate.
The most distant dwarf galaxies extend about 2.5 million light years from the center of the Milky Way.

[Lower Image: Milky Way Disk in the background is from the 2MASS Infrared Telescope. ]



Now, let us go look closer at the famous Crab Supernova and Supernova Remnant. The supernova occurs in 1054 AD, shown many times in Chinese records, a few Japanese records, one Arabic record [Green 2003], and was possibly painted on an canyon outcropping in Chaco Canyon in New Mexico [see below]. Even with a visibility of 21 months no European records can be found that reference this 1054 Crab Supernova. Astronomers figure that the Papal authority might have destroyed the astronomical records, as if this "new star" was a negative portent for what transpired in the "Church" during that time.


Almost every Astronomy textbook show this Chaco Canyon image [wiki or NPS] where the Indians appear to record
the Crab Supernova in 1054. The wall beneath the painting of the hand, moon, and star-like form, are 3 concentric circles.
[Note Chaco Canyon was a major ceremonial center with clusters of circular Kivas. [A total of 37 Kivas are built into the pueblo]
Numerous straight ceremonial roads [possibly Spirit Roads] led to and connected the "Great Houses." ]

Let's look closer at the Crab Supernova and its expanding Supernova Remnant.


The Top Image is a well-know Hubble Space Telescope [HST] of the Crab Nebula. [Note this Supernova Remnant is dynamically expanding.]
In Center Image shows the Crab Pulsar and a clearly defined "Inner Knot." The bottom image presents the stability of the "Inner Knot" and
dynamic "Halo" from 1994 and 2000. [Credit: HST, Sollerman 2002]


This images shows the dynamic X-ray "Inner Ring" [a symbolic "Light Year Ring"] around the Crab Pulsar.
Dynamic Visible Light Matter [Astronomer's call it a "Sprite"] moves, brightens and dims. Notice how the dates
occur within the months. The well studied, dynamic region of the Crab Supernova Remnant [SNR] greatly helps
understand the meta-physical, spiritual Celestial Cosmology. [Image Credit: NASA/CXC, HST/ASU Hester 2002]

With Spiritual Astronomy we study the Light [the "energies"] around the powerful Crab Pulsar [that pulsates 30 times per second], to understand how this connects with "consciousness." The Celestial Cosmology account of "Creation," looks how the Crab Pulsar and Supernova Remnant [SNR] reveal spiritual activities. Ultimately, the older Vela Pulsar and more recent Crab Pulsar can "clearly" show us how to circulate Celestial Light. Astronomers present a stable "Knot" about 1000 A.U. [1000 A.U. in our "line of sight"], then an ever-changing ball of energy astronomers call a "Sprite." This Sprite moves around, dims and even at times disappears. Even though astrophysicists might know precisely "how" or "why" bright masses of matter dynamically move, clear astronomical observations can meta-physically relate to "Creation" energies, "as if projected" within the visible light Halo. The stabilized location of an Inner Ring, [a symbolic "Light Year Ring"] surrounds the Crab Pulsar where 24 spheres [seen in X-ray] appear to Lighten and dim at various times. This "24" is mentioned by astronomers who study the Crab Nebula year after year. Whether these "energy cores" number 22, 24, 26, etc., the High Energy ring of matter is clearly established around the Crab Pulsar. Symbolically, meta-physically, these energies can connect to our "aware" circulations of energies. Yes in our very breath, in the fabric of our body, as if alive, here on Earth. Ultimately, our purpose as humans, and as an Earth is to "En-Light" our globe; yes Spiritual Astronomy with its Celestial Cosmology intimately relates consciousness to our individual, global, and Celestial awareness. Simply put, as Scot Aaron [among others] says, "We are the Light!"



NOTE: various portions are incomplete and being revised!

As stated, Scot spoke at length with top astrophysicists [like Dr. George Pavlov], to realize that physical matter travels “relativistically” around Neutron Stars like the Vela Pulsar. [See Einstein's equations of Time Dilution and the Contraction of Length above.] Traveling at .99999999… the speed of light means that our galaxy and Local Group of stars [essentially out to Andromeda Galaxy, M31] would fit into a representative "Seed Form." [In other words, the "experience" of space is dramatically condensed when "traveling relativistically." The Great Andromeda Galaxy M31 [the furthest we can see with our natural eyes] forms an established border for our "Local Group." [See image above with the Celestial Cosmology "model" of our Pre-existent, Relative "Seed Form, expanded 400,000 times to our current Local Group.

These images show the Great Andromeda Galaxy [M31] which is the furthest we can see with our natural eyes. This galaxy forms a type of border for our Local Group. Yet look closer and see how it fits with the Celestial Cosmology. At about 2.5 million light years away, it is a 100 times further than us from our Galactic Center, and about 40 times further than our galactic center to the edge of our Milky Way Disk [using roughly 63,000 Light Years as the Radius]. All Astronomers know that this galaxy is about the same size/mass as our Milky Way Galaxy; however it appears more organized, like an "evolved" form of the Milky Way. It has about 60 molecular dust clouds [the astronomer in the image numbers 47] and are pretty much evenly spread throughout. As seen with our galaxy, the Great Orion Nebula and Nebula Complex contain the majority of the Molecular Dust of our Milky Way. Also of interest, the [radius] orbit distance between an interesting Double Nucleus of M31 is about 1 /10,000 the radius [ 6.3 light years x 10,000 = 63,000 ly]. The orbital inset of Andromeda M31 shows an angular connection with Cas A Supernova Remnant, i.e. the line from M32 and M110 extended towards Cas A SNR. Note Cas A is significant being Earth's brightest Radio Source, located 10,000 light years from us.

[Image Credit: M31 double nucleus from Hubble Site STScI-1993-18, HST; M31 Molecular Dust Clouds: Schmidtobreick 2000; Left side data from Aladin Software, HEASARC SkyView]


Now that we have observed the dynamics around the Crab's pulsating Neutron Star and its expanding Nebula [the Supernova Remnant], we can look closer at the Vela Pulsar, our "brightest" High Energy Gamma Ray source about 1000 lights away. It is as if this bright High Energy Light is specially established to "enlighten" and intimately assist in our transformation of Earth, of surrounding planetary energies, and all consciousness. [Note. the Vela Pulsar is 2.5 times brighter than all other "High Energy Gamma Ray" source.]

Let's start by looking at all-sky images [i.e. all of the light around Earth]. Notice the Vela's bright Gamma Ray position in the disk of our Milky Way. Next, we can continue an all-sky Hydrogen Light, again in the "Galactic" view [this is where the disk of our Milky Way Galaxy extends across with horizontal center, with our orbital center Sagittarius A* at 0, 0 degrees]; X-ray and Radio images follow.


These are All-Sky images of High Energy Gamma Rays [i.e. photons above 100 million electron volts / 100 MeV].
The top version portrays the strength of emission spread throughout all the sky. The bottom image removes diffuse
gamma ray energies [primarily in the disk of our Milky Way Galaxy], to reveal the 271 individual sources from the
9 years of EGRET telescope [wiki - astro-ph ]. Our Sun recorded high energy Gamma Rays on 1 day, June 11, 1991.



An All-Sky survey of an "Hydrogen-Alpha line" of visible light is seen above. This red visible light [6563 Angstroms] shows active regions of star formation surrounded by warm, ionized interstellar gas. The Gum Nebula [wiki] appears to surround the Vela Pulsar and Supernova Remnant. The Vela Pulsar is about 1000 light years away. The Gum Nebula extends to about 500 light years away from us. [Note: Astronomers basically think that the matter of our Solar System stems from the Gum Nebula.] The enlarged circle of the Gum Nebula presents research on Cometary Globules that appear to be heading towards the direction of the Vela Pulsar. Note that these Cometary Globules typically contain about 100 times the mass of our Sun. Their comet-like heads are about 0.3-3 light years across, often having comet-like tails extending 3-12 light years. To the right of the Gum Nebula is the Great Orion Nebula [seen as a visible star-like light extending like the sword from Orion's belt] with the "Orion Molecular Cloud" complex, which is the largest region of molecular, star forming matter in our galaxy.



Vela Pulsar with a 1st and 2nd Ring/Arc
At about a 1000 light year distance, the Rings/Arcs [seen in X-ray around the Vela Pulsar]
fit with the Model for the Celestial Cosmology. The Creation is based on a 400,000
times Relativity Ratio. We start as in a Supernova-like "Seed Form" in our Galactic Center.
The "Fall/Expansion" 400,000 times from the formative "1st Ring" puts us in our current position,
about 25,000 light years [ly] from our Galactic Center [.0634 x 400,000 = 25,360 ly]
The 2nd Ring is a symbolic Light Year Ring [0.1585 x 2pi = 1 light year] that Expands into the
disk of our Milky Way Galaxy.[Note: Astronomers consider the Vela Pulsar and its remnant [SNR]
to be about 10,000 years old.]

Yes, Spiritual Astronomy metaphysically harnesses knowledge from science with its great telescopes and data, to provide a clear picture of Creation and our individual responsibilities to TRANSFORM Earth into Light.

The time is ripe! If you are “AWARE” then arrange your reality to learn about Spiritual Astronomy and align your Soul with the Transformation of Earth as Light!



Matter around the Vela Pulsar travels "Relativistically" (i.e. very close to the speed of light)

Dynamic matter extends from the pulsating Vela Neutron Star. [Rectangular boxes represent the same
position for each image.] The two left images [with A & B] present matter moving around at 60% Light Speed. From
various conversations with Dr. G. Pavlov, relativistic matter [i.e. very close to the speed of light] surrounds the Vela Pulsar.
[Note that the bottom right corner X-ray was made from a sequence of images. These are not adjusted for a Galactic Map.]






We can also use the 400,000 times Relativity Ratio to compact the entire space of our Solar System into an earth-sized carbon star [as if orbiting in our Sun’s center around a Neutron Star].

Yes, the structure of "our" time and space is established for us to Realize the Light.

Spiritual Astronomy recognizes individual consciousness as essential in the creation and unfolding of Earth’s destiny. Our connected experience of God, our higher, spiritual “Self” establishes the structure of time and space, in order “realize” the transformation of Earth as LIGHT, even as an “Earth Star.” Sirius, our brightest visible light star, is a Yellow Sun – Carbon Star pair, as if established to guide our Sun and Earth.

Sirius, the brightest visible light star in our sky, is a pair of orbiting stars consisting of a Yellow Sun
and a "white dwarf" carbon star about the size of Earth.

Sirius-B-showing the way for our Earth Star
Sirius B is a Carbon Star. Let its existence in-spire our "Earth Star."

Consider Earth orbiting in our Sun's center as a pure Carbon Star, like a "Diamond Earth." A 400,000 : 1 Relativity Ratio can also account for the difference in light speed compared to the "speed of sound." [For this comparison, remember that sound travels through a watery, fluid coil in our ear.]

Earth’s closest star Proxima Cen [Alpha Cen A], a star about the size of Jupiter, has a 1 Light Year orbit around its 2 yellow suns. A Light Year can signify our Earth Orbit as Light. [Note, there can be minor variations in the orbital radius, yet about 10,000 A.U. [10,000 times our distance from the Sun] makes its orbit of about 1 Light Year.]

Proxima is a star about the size of Jupiter, seen
in Visible Light and in X-ray. It orbits about
10,000 A.U. from its 2 suns, making its orbit
about 1 Light Year Around.





This Celestial Cosmology provides a Model based on Relativity Ratios  

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...Our Earth, as we understand it, exists for about about 10,000 years, our "Light Year." [This Light Year is about 10,000 years based on Earth traveling about 30 km/sec. As we can not know a precise beginning, the "End" or rather "Peak" of Consciousness, depends on Awareness.] The PEAK of Our Global Consciousness will initiate the transformation of Earth in Light, like into a Star [i.e. an Earth Star]. Beyond the symbolic ramifications is the reality of our Earth's “Enlightenment” where we take our place as the stars, and various forms of Light. All Light ultimately consists of intimate circulations of aware consciousness. This can encompass the definition of “Eternity.” Again, Earth exists for its Light Year, whereby our consciousness can reach its “Peak” and begin Earth's full transformation into Light. *** Ultimately time and space transcends our "linear" perceptions. The end creates the beginning even as the God's "pulsating vision at the beginning" unfolds the End. Time is round. Our clear comprehension of consciousness can actually assist in the creation of Earth and our Cosmos.

Heraclitus, a cornerstone of Greek philosophy, clearly stated Earth exists for its Great Year [basically a 30 year generation each day for 1 orbit / year, which equals about 10,000 years]; he taught that Earth will start again [as if a “New Earth”]. The Mayan presented their “round of time” concept with 13 Baktun [about 5100 years] where time will start again.

Spiritual Astronomy and its Celestial Cosmology [based on Relativity Ratios], presents a simple, established structure of time and space that makes sense [once you take the necessary time to understand this concept]. This Model relies on the latest scientific data, like real energies from our bright stars and light forms across the Spectrum of Light. It discounts current theories like the Big Bang, Darwin’s evolution, or interpretations from the majority of scientists who support these theories [basically for their paychecks]. Based on Scot Aaron’s dedicated research, this Spiritually based Cosmological Model presents a necessary “Key” to understand our reality, our “Self,” and Earth’s ultimate destiny as Light.



By examining the structure of our Cosmos, the Celestial Cosmology [previously known as the Milky Way Model in Scot Aaron's 2003 book God’s Science [amazon.com]] shows a Cosmology where humans can ultimately actualize their potential...

Realizing connected moments as potential synergisms can cohere/fuse energies, to Actualize God's Light. From an aware perspective, Supernovas “blossom,” revealing arrangements of "extended" moments, potentially REALIZED as “connecting” universes. 

supernova blossom
A scientific model for a supernova explosion compared with reproductive parts of a rose.

The Celestial Cosmology is a simple and powerful way to understand life in terms of Relativity Ratios. Humans can ultimately access their God-given potential and Realize we are ultimately the Light, circulating Celestial energies within aware consciousness. See how all good people connect to brightest Light.

This scientifically based "spiritual" cosmology
details a celestial structure of eternal consciousness
that includes our Solar System with all significant Stars and Star Forms.



Here's the front cover of God's Science [ISBN 1-58916-001-0] which first presented the Celestial Cosmology as the Milky Way Model.
[A limited number of copies are available from amazon.com or ordered at bookstores.]

God's Science by Scot Aaron


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