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This link is from Appendix Five of God's Science (pp. 250-253). Relativity is a simple principle based on the speed of light. Matter around a pulsar can travel at 0.9999999... of light speed. This statement has to do with "Relativistic Matter" usually surrounding a pulsar. I confirmed all of physical evidence with top astrophysicists. George Pavlov (see the bibliography), an expert in pulsars, personally confirmed these relativistic speeds of matter around pulsars like the Vela.) This fits with a "Relativity Ratio" used to understand the "Fall/Expansion" of time and space. Ultimately time and space exist in our minds/souls. Light circulates. This is where our spiritual intellectual depth and love enter the picture.

Einstein and the Relativity of Time and Space

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In the first sentences and pages of The Meaning of Relativity, Albert Einstein wrote:

The theory of relativity is intimately connected with the theory of space and time. I shall therefore begin with a brief investigation of the origin of our ideas of space and time, although in doing so I know that I introduce a controversial subject. ... There exists, therefore, for the individual, an I-time, or subjective time. This in itself is not measurable. ... We cannot speak of space in the abstract, but only of the “space belonging to a body A. ... only of “bodies of reference,” or “space of reference.”

The basic fact is that we all live on the earth. Gravity is essentially the same. We travel approximately the same speed around the Sun, yet experiences of life can be dramatically different.[1] Beyond memories that accumulate through the years, potentials within personalities/souls can make experiences of life fundamentally different. Yes, we can share the same bland moments (rigmarole) of day to day work, or the excitement of eating fine food, or going to concert, etc. yet differences of perception are real. Embodying/circulating the depth and breadth of life/existence from powerful moments of love and self-reflection is somewhat unique.

[Footnote 1: Even with the popularity and proofs of Einstein’s theory of relativity, people seemed to avoid discussing distinctions between the divine and our human reality (as discussed in the Bible and in eastern religions); however, the popularity of relativity did seem to blur distinctions between good and bad, or the validity between one opinion versus another. In other words, an individual can have an uneducated, unreflective opinion (belief), which can be considered equally valid. People can simply say, “It’s all relative.”
Each human has the power to think and make choices, yet not all opinions (beliefs) are equally valid. Our reality consists of two primary elements: time and space. Time extends through each generation of humans. Space extends to cultures and civilizations around the world. The primary world religions provide ample historical evidence and substantial archeological remains. If Hindus worship God through Vishnu or Shiva, Christians through Jesus, Muslims through Muhammad’s inspiration (utterances) as in the Koran, et cetera, these thoughts and associated feelings extend within shared realities. Intimate relationships and families are human experiences. Once connecting to reality (as foundationally established by God’s Divine Key Spirits), individuals are responsible for circulating the light/energies in life. Growth occurs when absorbing, circulating, and releasing energies that get blocked (through jealousy, hatred, misunderstandings, etc.). Inspiration, thoughts, and shared feelings are real, especially when divinely synergistic.]

Spiritually (i.e. from a divine perspective of light/energies) we can potentially circulate or block various degrees of light. When considering the dimensions of consciousness (most fully accessed and appreciated after the death of the physically body), some will actualize divine potential. Others will circulate degrees of this light within the realms of God’s heaven.

In a physical, measurable sense, we are all provided with an equal opportunity of living on the earth and orbiting the Sun. In a spiritual sense, differences are very profound. The clearest distinction is between those essentially hoarding light (i.e. those so intensely engulfed by greed and avid materialism that they often thrive on murder or gross immoralities), and those attempting to be a good person. Between individuals seeking to do good (those trying their best to follow the “golden rule”), degrees of potential exist. Degrees of uniqueness also exist between individuals who will actualize their potentials. Potentials directly relate to the circulation of light.

The actualization of God's Divine potential circulates the light of time and space throughout a "Great Year" (our 10,000 years for this phase of Earth and Creation). Spirit Energies (symbolic Spirit Children) are created by accessing the light of time and space of a Great Year. This is the basis of relative time and space between God and us, both now and later when potentials are actualized (yes as Earth transforms into Light, an Earth Star). The Bible stated that 1000 human years equal one of God’s days. From this relationship it appears that 10,000 of our years will equal about 10 of God’s days. This is true from our mortal perspective, yet the Celestial Cosmology understands that God-like energies, extend form an Earth-like lives an Earth-like planet. [Note that these pages are in the Appendix of God's Science. We exist to learn, grow and as the Bible says, be as "joint-heirs" with Christ. Read the Egyptian section and then about Eastern Cosmology for similar viewpoints. These ideas are ancient. [Sorry to burst any Christian's conceptual bubble with the possibility that humans can access, embody and circulate God's Divine potential.] The cycles of actualizing divinity make up the fabric of eternity, which is best observed in the curvature of time and space throughout realizations (circulations of light) in our Cosmos.

As mentioned, the amount of light and mass in each Realized Universe / Cosmos is approximately the same.[2] The curvature of time and space in connecting universes circulates the light/energy for each symbolic representation of God (Oneness). The definition of God (i.e. the Male-Female-Spirit Aspects) can qualify a Cosmos. Our universe is God’s universe (again God representing Clear Awareness and Oneness). It is as if our universe is in the mind of God. Likewise, when actualizing Divine Potential (after refining and realizing God's light), Spirit Energies (unified reflections) will extend into God’s Extended-Universe ... to Fall/Expand into distinct multifaceted Universes. A cosmos tests and develops a physical Cosmos with a Supernova-like Seed Form. [Note: all physical measurements are real in the sense of providing a a MAP we establish for our own awareness. Again time is round. ]

[Footnote 2: When considering universes that stem from other universes, one might think that the universes get smaller and smaller. Divide a 6 foot human by 10,000 and go into the world of a mite. The dimensions of consciousness do not get progressively smaller; the idea is fictitious. All universes are essentially the same size and contain the same matter, yet with uniquely arranged stars, clusters, galaxies, nonluminous matter, ect. Actualizing divine potential means realizing time and space more like God.

Some mainstream scientists within the godless paradigms of the big bang and aspects of quantum mechanics will promote their lofty, unfounded speculation. “If we presume that technology will continue to improve in the next two centuries at the same rate, then we might achieve Planck-scale energies in laboratory experiments by the year 2150. Such experiments might even produce new inflating universes. Maybe we’re the product of some previous universe’s Planck-scale experiments?” (Lederman, L.M. and D.N. Schramm, From Quarks to the Cosmos, Scientific American Library, No. 28, 2nd printing 2000, p. 232.)

Appendix Seven briefly states a distinction between unfounded theoretical physics and solid state physics that help produce products like more efficient computer chips. Using huge amounts of electricity for magnetic fields that can accelerate electrons, protons, or neutrons to smash against an atom, ion etc. has brought unfounded speculation.]

Hopefully these "relative relationships" of time and space are clear. The divine actualization of a "Great Year" (like our 10,000 years maturity, lessons from our 365 generations) circulates the energy from Earth traveling around the Sun for one light year. (One light year equals 10,000 years of traveling 30 kilometers per second.) Instead of light from our Sun requiring 500 seconds to reach the earth, light requires 0.05 of a second. This is the time that it takes light to cross a Carbon Star (an Earth Star). Since a Carbon-Earth-Star will intimately orbit as pulsations from God's (symbolic / representative) Neutron Star, the orbital radius is the length of the Earth as a Carbon Star (15,000 km). When circulating all of the energies throughout our Solar System, the 10,000 Relativity Ratio is multiplied by 40 to equal the 400,000 Relativity Ratio of our Expansion. ............................

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