The Celestial Body

"We are the Light!"
Look to see how the body of consciousness circulates Celestial Light.



Just the words and title the “Celestial Body” can inspire and enlighten our awareness and or curiosity. If you do a key search for this Celestial Body, you will primarily see stellar references from astronomy, along with some spiritual “Celestial” interpretations. Since this is Spiritual Astronomy with its Celestial Cosmology, we will tie in both aspects, especially how physical Celestial Bodies tie might relate our physical body as a spiritual, Celestial Body. First let’s look at some definitions; then look at Nut from ancient Egypt whose Celestial Body shines as the stars; finishing with our physical body is actually prepared to a Celestial body to rise and shine as the stars. 

The common definition of a Celestial Body stems from the idea of “bodies” in Heaven, or Heavenly bodies. The ancients would look at bright stars and actually relate God and angelic like forms (gods) to Celestial Bodies shining at Night. Many would believe, and still do, that ancestors would rise and shine with the stars. Certain constellations in Astrology could be viewed as powerful Celestial Bodies able to influence Earth life. With the rise of science and developed telescope, Spiritual interpretations become physical definitions. In our age of science many refer to a Celestial Body as particular stars, or sometimes a planet or any “natural object” that shines in sky – objects beyond Earth that reflects light. Celestial bodies can even refer to satellites orbiting around a planet or star. Yes science and its interpretations have transformed the heavens into lifeless objects. Thankfully for Spiritual Astronomy, we can get back to meta-physical roots, the spiritual power of our Celestial Light, ultimately within the contact of the Celestial Body.

Ancient Egypt provides us with understandings and images of a Celestial Body, especially with the body of Nut, a primary Goddess whose Celestial Body extends across the ceilings of sacred temples, or coffins, or tombs, especially in the Valley of the Kings. Her body is completely Celestial, filled with 5 pointed stars. Consider how every person in the Ancient World would surely know how the stars in Heaven. Their Celestial Sphere directly relates to God and the powers of God, even as angelic-like light related to God’s powers on Earth. By looking at Pyramid Texts, then the Coffin Texts and the later Papyrus “Book of the Dead” texts, we can interpret our Earth life connect to our great Celestial Mother. [Of course with all ancient religions, a lot is left to interpretations; however, we can gain insight through some 3000 years of tradition. Many changes occur within kingdoms and particular Pharaohs, with many secret teachings. In fact, even with the long-standing traditions of embalming mummies, no written records exist of the procedure.]

Let’s understand the Celestial Body, knowing what we know about ancient Egypt to potentially uncover a Celestial connection with our human bodies. First, living Pharaohs represent Horus, the living Spirit on Earth. When they die they can potentially be like Osiris, the son of Nut, the Great Celestial Mother. Often the form of the Osiris’ mummy is filled with earth and planted with seeds to represent a fertile afterlife. The dead join with Celestial Light, having a Celestial Body, even as being conceived from Nut, the Great Celestial Mother. Light from the Stars and even oneness stemming from the great Celestial Mother appears to be a clear understanding. (Consider how a baby in the Mother’s womb forms a physical oneness.) Other texts, especially the earliest Pyramid Text write about the purpose of life is to unite as Light with the Stars.

Transforming a physical body into a Celestial Body can be traced in various traditions, even if often fail to make the connection today. Whether great ancestors living in the heavens (in the stars), or great characters seen in the constellations (consider Andromeda, or Orion for example), human bodies connect to our Celestial Sphere. Although interpretation is necessary, the spiritual connection between a physical body to a Celestial body is pretty clear in ancient Egypt. We live on Earth, fulfilling our responsibilities (to learn and grow) and be just and compassionate so that our “heart” can balance with Matt, the “feather of Truth.” Based on our particular responsibilities in service to God, we can be one with God and circulate God’s Light through our risen, Celestial Body.

Historically, the great Christian religion actually stems from many spiritual and religious attributes of ancient Egypt, the Celestial Body being primary among these. First, ancient Egyptians completely spread the concept of a physical Resurrection of the Body. This is why they embalmed bodies. Bodies would rise in the next realm and required a lengthy 70 days ritual of preservation. Next, the potential to rise to the heavens with a “perfected” Celestial Body seems to be pretty clear. This of course can sound very familiar with Christian’s beliefs. If a Christian, living a just life in service to God, the physical body will rise again, going from “corruption to incorruption.”
“There are also heavenly bodies and there are earthly bodies; but the splendor of the heavenly bodies is one kind, and the splendor of the earthly bodies is another. …  So will it be with the resurrection of the dead. ... Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt. Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever. “(1 Corinthians 15:40, 42; Daniel 12:2-3) 

Depending on interpretation, it seems clear that resurrection of the dead can rise with the “splendor of the heavenly bodies.” Yes a Celestial Body can, “shine like the brightness of heavens … like stars for ever and ever.” Meta-physically the entire creation of our body, every organ to the entire structure of cells and DNA exists to circulate Light with a Celestial Body. The physical “Resurrection of the Body” with its transformation as Light makes complete sense. We can also explore light-like aura energies of a “Subtle Body.” Here we look other systems like the Kabbalah with 10 spheres of energy (Sephirot) related to our physical body; or Kundalini Yoga with seven chakras (“wheels” of energy) explored within the enlightenment of body. Let it be known, the height of our awareness exists to circulate Light within our Celestial Body.

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