Quantum Physics Consciousness - a Consciousness Shift

"A simple map - a Key - to fill consciousness with Light."


This topic of Quantum Physics Consciousness can penetrate the foundation of our Earth Existence, and assist our future “Consciousness Shift.” We will briefly mention Quantum Physics, then attempt to encompass a Quantum Physics Consciousness and our destined shift in Global Awareness.  Most of us know (especially through popular movies like “What the Bleep”) that Quantum Physics and its Quantum Theory directly relate to Consciousness. Though the power of an observer can shift the results of a quantum experiment, the question now is, “how can we most effectively shift the Consciousness of our globe?” Said again, the consciousness of physicist may determine outcomes on unseen quantum particles, yet when will new knowledge on Quantum Physics (& Space) provide us with the power to shift the Consciousness of our globe!

Let’s focus on Quantum Physics, then apply Earth’s ultimate destiny as Light to enact our Global Shift of Consciousness. Quantum Physics Consciousness is much more than “positive thinking,” that claims to miraculously heal problems in our head and soul. Foundational physicists went against Quantum Physics. (Yes, they opposed those metaphoric “get rich quick” assumptions of Quantum Physics.) Einstein disapproved of a “statistical” theory hinged on any observer’s consciousness; or a Standard Model that changed every time an atom smasher discovered a new particle curl on the photo plate. Note Einstein’s famous quote, “God does not play with dice.” Of course Bohr and his quantum physicist followers just said Einstein was an old man and not with the times. Yet other great “old school” physicists like Max Planck, and Schrödinger also disagreed with the new Quantum Physics excitement. (Note, Quantum Physicists even ripped off Schrödinger’s mathematical genius for their Quantum Wave formulations.)

Today, New Age crowds cheer for the knowledge is public; all while ‘pie in the sky’ Quantum Physicists spoon feed the curious (especially politicians and financiers) with quark flavors and searches for Bosons (or other mysterious “god particles”). With this stated, let’s be clear about Quantum Physics Consciousness, how this relates to our soul, and our global Consciousness Shift. No matter how cool the physicists, astrophysicist or scientists appear when explaining Quantum Physics, they know (at least deep inside) that this physics has very little to do with our solid reality. Their intellectual, theoretical, equation driven mind is unable to psychically move their pencil across the table. In fact, the whole of quantum physics has very little to do with anything we observe or measure in our experienced reality. Quantum Physics deals with minute particles and theory; however, the quantum concept does get us to the essence of our physical existence which is primarily empty space.

You probably know that our “apparently” stable physical reality is almost empty of real matter. The atom is 99.9…% empty space. Some might belief that if they try hard enough they can physically pass through the empty parts of a brick wall. We do have proof that mind power can bend steel spoons. The highly spiritual, meditative consciousness of some yogis can shift to where they no longer require food or water. (See Breatharians.) Some yogis can withstand fire, the cold, and or do miraculous physical feats by focusing consciousness.  We can also train our consciousness through meditation and / or devote prayer. Notice the potential power of Consciousness within the “one heart one mind” principle; or the reason for a Sangha (community) as one of the three jewels of Buddhism; or about realizing synergy.

Time is ripe. Earth is ready to harvest! Spiritual Astronomy and its new Celestial Cosmology provide a simple map (a Key) to fill consciousness with Light. Yes, let God’s Light fill the emptiness in atoms to heal and transform Earth into Light. (Yes, learn about our Relativity Ratio and this can enact our necessary consciousness shift. These are the words of Quantum Physics Consciousness we’re waiting for! Let’s transform our consciousness and Earth into Light. Let’s “Plug In” bringing our Celestial Heavens to Earth, and shift our Global Consciousness!

[To summarize, Quantum Physics shows us that our reality and almost all of the physical matter in our Universe is mainly empty. Our perfectly conceived Earth (the symbolic Garden of Eden) was filled with Light -- as in the beginning, so in the end. In order to learn, grow and test our energies, God did not give us the power, as represented in pure matter from a pulsating Neutron Star, and high energy matter surrounding a pulsar. (See more on the Crab Nebula). We currently use the “speed of sound.” This is about 400,000 times less powerful than the Speed of Light. We do not have the power to get mad and curse our enemy dead. Why! Because our Quantum Physical Consciousness lacks the power and clarity of God’s Light. At the “end time” or rather the Climax of Consciousness, the Shift will occur. ]


Now that you’ve read this article Quantum Physics Consciousness and our destined Consciousness Shift, we can discuss other links on this topic. If and when we search for a connection between Quantum Physics and Consciousness, we likely search for a spiritual connection to science and the actual physics of Quantum Mechanics. Typically scientists getting paid by mainstream institutions have little to do with consciousness and spirituality - unless in consciousness in physical or in new university programs they call Consciousness Studies. Today, we can notice two primary divisions, those thinking they are doing and associate with pure modern day interpretations of science (i.e. lacking the spiritual foundations of historic, great scientific thinkers). These modern-day Quantum Physicists are so much in their theoretically environment that they really have nothing to do with Solid State Physics; however, they call themselves scientists, most often rejecting God and consciousness from all equations. Yes they may spend millions and billions searching for a "god particle" but these theoretical bosons have little to do with consciousness and God. Due to the fact the Wikipedia wants to be mainstream, even if we search for spiritual insight with Consciousness and Quantum Physics, their link has little to do with consciousness, striving to wholly discount God and the spirituality behind "Consciousness." The wikipedia appears to represent mainstream science. They use the word Consciousness, as some side statement, yet seem to discount the spiritual interpretation of consciousness.

The famous Wikipedia online encyclopedia uses the word “Consciousness” in the main page referring to "Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics." This is mid 2010 and though the wikipedia can changed, the wiki police will likely maintain their non-spiritual mainstream status with non-spiritual interpretations of science. (The Celestial Cosmology sees a major metaphysical interpretation of all scientific data.) For the sake of this Quantum Theory (Quantum Physics) we can present a brief review. Niels Bohr basically came up with the Quantum Physics concept when mathematically formulating the quantum studying the electron of the hydrogen atom. Quantum studies of particles show a dual nature as particles and waves The wave and particle duality gets too complicated when adding another electron. This "Copenhagen interpretation" of Bohr and Heiseberg remains at the core of Quantum Physics. In order to support the Quantum Mechanics, Max Born born discounted the "wave function" and uses pure statistics for an "Ensemble interpretation." Of course there are various mainstream interpretations which the wikipedia link above presents. The popular "What the Bleep" film appears to relate to the "many-worlds interpretation" of Quantum Physics; of course there are the "Many-mind" interpretations and others theoretically interpreting the Quantum nature of particles. For who study physics, in particular for the "New Age" interpretations, the "de Broglie-Bohm theory" is related to David Bohm. Bohm is also connected with Karl Pirbram for the holographic paradigm of consciousness which has gained some influence in spiritual communities.

Many non-spiritual interpretations of Quantum Physic might exist, however the Celestial Cosmology sees the spiritual, metaphysical basis of consciousness. Due to the electromagnetic fields and resonance in atoms, Quantums Physics and the duality of a particle and wave functions are real; however with Relativity and the Relativity Ratio of the Celestial Cosmology, a more workable model relates to consciousness and spirituality. Again our physical reality primarily consists of empty space. Realizing the power of using a simple Relativity Ratio, all of the mass and space of our Sun is condensed to a Neutron Star the size a small city (a miles across). The shift in consciousness occurs through understanding our individual purpose and destiny in this lifetime. Here Earth our our Cosmos exists as a simple stage where all awareness individuals will transform our consciousness and existence into light.

Continuing with the topic of consciousness and Quantum Physics, a physicist writes a book (self published through amazon.com Createspace). He relates physics and consciousness in his: Philosophy of Nature and Quantum Reality. It looks like he puts together is website in 2003, which "corresponds" Consciousness to Quantum Physics. In fact is appears His website appears to connects us to his whole book, that also looks at the quantum nature connected to the mind and consciousness. Continuing with the more philosophical aspects of Consciousness, brings us to the Stanford Encyclopedia heading from 2004. This link discusses various approaches to Quantum Mechanics its dual nature impact on Consciousness (at least potentially). Although a bit technical, there connects with Neurons in the brian and nice images.


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