"When we share, heal, and realize light upon Earth,
even as the Light of Creation around us, we help transform and enlighten Earth."


Creation is about creation – from an artist creating masterpieces to “The Creation” of Earth. What is our relationship with God, our “Creator,” and how does our spirituality, our consciousness, our onenesss with God contribute to Creation? Ultimately this article is inspired by the creation of Earth and our Cosmos based on the new Celestial Cosmology by Scot Aaron. To develop this spiritual model for cosmology, Scot Aaron first experienced “Creation,” in poetry, paintings, and music, combined with his shaman, mystical experiences connected to world travels, worship experiences and an academic degree in World Religion. Let’s explore our connection to Art (Music, Paintings, Writing) and “The Creation.”

Ever seen humans get extremely excited about an artist, like Elvis, or the Beatles coming to America. Ever stared up in the Sistine Chapel, melting into brush strokes of Michelangelo? For a moment, God touches the Soul, melting into eternity with a tear of joy in our eyes. Ever read a masterpiece of literature, carrying us through memorable emotions? Passion, joy and heights of realization fill words from scripture, and spiritual or philosophical writings. Blessings of awareness can fill human consciousness, streaming through the soul. Who can recount precious moments experienced when connecting to art and artists; or being an inspired “human” vehicle, going beyond “the self” to CREATE a masterpiece of art? Tears rest upon footstools, beneath masterpieces of art. Here, my heart endlessly thanks the Creator, both the artist and God for allowing such Light into life.

Go to worship experiences where One Heart and One Mind enlighten. Consider devotion to saints, gurus, or great spiritual teachers healing the soul with comfort, beauty, and light. Touch various aspects of the creation, from a sunrise or sunset, a thunderstorm, the scent of flowers, the taste of meal when hungry, or the touch of a loved one. Reflect upon and connect to creation, sometimes stimulating the mind, yet always a memorable experience.

Please -- for a moment -- consider the “peak” experiences connected to the Creation. Yes, inside may connect to the greatest artists and masterpieces of art, of music, of writings, of nature, of the vast Creation; yes, experienced inside our soul. This is Light, a magnificent Spectrum pervading our senses. Here, I bow and give thanks – with complete gratitude for blessings, for healing, for the “meaning of life.” Again, pause to reflect on our greatest experiences filling the senses and ultimately a part of Creation; yes providing real meaning in life. Here we are enlightened, even purpose driven, to love more, to feel more, to be more spiritual or religions, to be aware. Let Divine Light circulate our Light!

Inspiration, like God’s “Breath of Life” connects to Creation. Our soul, now, and potentially in an afterlife gravitates to our “Spectrum” of Light in life. Bring us to Light filled moments, be this as us Mothers giving birth, or joyous love experienced with our child; or divine religious symbols, like the “Mother Mary” or “Durga.” Now see our connection to Light even as our physical connection to Star Light, our “Cosmic,” our “Celestial” awareness. When we share, heal, and realize light upon Earth, even as the Light of Creation around us, we help transform and “enlighten” Earth.


More Info: the Celestial Cosmology, uses Relativity to understand Creation. Scot Aaron connects consciousness to The Creation, shows how physical Light as Divine Light is our map to transform Earth into a New Earth. Divine Light fills our cells, our molecules and atoms, as if resurrected as Light, sharing consciousness on a New Earth.

Keywords, Spirituality, Creation, Art, Artists, God, Cosmic, Consciousness, Celestial, Cosmology, Light, Symbols, Unity, Soul, Oneness, Meaning of Life


Beyond various travels and university courses, link here for Scot Aaron’s Astrophysical Research.