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Scot Aaron's Celestial Comology (previously called the "Milky Way Model") establishes a new look at the creation of our universe. The very definition of "Eternity" examines continual creations of "universes." There is no start and no end. Again, this defines eternity.

God's Science: A New Look at the Bible, Stars and Universes establishes a new model. (This model has already been improved upon since I wrote and printed the first edition, i.e. I've refined some of the concepts.) In establishing a new spiritually based model, I was less concerned about debunking the currently excepted big bang theory; however, pages 173-176 did highlight some outlandish ideas that the big bang accepts as facts. (Note that this is the next to last chapter in the book and that begins on page 151. Again, my point is to establish a new model.)


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