Black Hole Infinite Intelligence

Reverse the Black in Black Hole.
Realize the Light of God's Infinite Intelligence.


Take the words “Black Hole” literally and its an abyss, a “point of no return,” an unknown; OR, maybe the Buddhist “Nothingness,” no-thing,  the reverse of emptiness, fullness and infinite intelligence.  Does a Black Hole relate to mysticism and spiritual philosophies – the “Nothingness” foundation in Buddhism, or spiritual liberation Moksa in Hinduism? How can our consciousness connect to light and God’s Infinite Intelligence? Many imagine a "supermassive black hole" in the center of our galaxy. Some study Hawking [Stephen Hawking] and search for a baby black hole. I’ve even heard that we live in a Black Hole; each of us having an “Event Horizon.”  I see our symbolic Event Horizon as the soul learning about “good and evil” to heal negativity -- filled with Infinite Intelligence as we more intimately approach God. This is where we embody Light, becoming as God to circulate Infinite Intelligence. The endlessness of God’s Intelligence presents our feasting upon an eternal “Tree of Life.”

We will examine the Black Hole, especially the high energy light in our galactic center from the new Celestial Cosmology. Yes, let us comprehend a cosmic “before and after,” an Alpha and Omega connection to God and Infinite Intelligence.

Scot Aaron researched top scientific papers related to the Black Hole. He quotes an Astrophysical paper in his book “God’s Science” where the calculated Black Hole in our Galactic Center is 10 billion times too dim in X-ray light. Scot noticed how other papers fudged numbers until only 200,000 times off. Then after some type of “peer reviewed consensus” our galaxy suddenly gets its Black Hole. According to the Celestial Cosmology, the Black Hole is a great idea with its Singularity and Event Horizon, but unnecessary. Can a Black Hole create miracles, or is the Black Hole Wishful Theory? It’s time to transcend limited concepts of time by combining Singularity with Relativity. Get beyond endless fractal concepts, even as we empower our atomic pyramids and Sacred Geometry. Beyond spiritual symbols related to Buddhism and Black Hole “nothingness,” how can we reach an “event horizon” filled with symbolical “singularity” where we connect with God and Infinite Intelligence within our Universe?

Take “the Origin” of time and space as we know it, to “the End,” our Alpha and Omega. Seeds cycle through “Life and Death” in plants and animals, even as DNA traits continue on. So let’s go to a single point, a “Singularity” for our cosmic Earth cycle. SEE Earth as a Carbon Star orbiting a pure matter [a neutron star about 12km wide]. Conceive our Earth Star orbiting in the center of our Sun. See how we begin within a “Seed Form” in our Galactic Center -- empowered by God’s Infinite Intelligence. The Celestial Cosmology uses a Relativity Ratio to show our Spiritual “beginning” in Seed Form. God’s symbolical “Seed Form” expands by a “Relativity Ratio” into our current Universe.

Now, let’s go and clearly see a “Seed” remnant in our galactic center. This Center is where our Sun and all galactic light orbits. Though astronomers promote their Black Hole in our orbital center, in reality know a 20,000 year old Supernova Remnant [Sgr A East] is there. These types of supernova remnants typically form around a Pulsar - a Neutron Star void of proton and neutron polarities. Use metaphysics; relate the proton and electron physical reality to positive and negative where we exist to experience and learn about “good and evil.” 

Rather than us orbit a Black Hole, see how we stem from a Cosmic Seed Form. Inspired by Infinite Intelligence [from a physical pulsar, pulsating with God’s visions of a perfect Earth life], we organize God’s light and spiritual intelligence into Divine “Days of Creations.” If using linear time, we can consider this pre-existence as a “Relative” Spiritual realm. Disagreement occurs, as revealed in Scripture stories where a Satan-like figure and demons reject God. Our recognizable Earth existence occurs after a “Relative” 10,000 years of organizing cosmic intelligence [light] in our Supernova Remnant like Seed Form. Time and Space “appear” to Expand 400,000 times [a Relativity Ratio], for our “Relative” 10,000 years now. [Remember that atoms in our current reality are 99.9… % empty space.]

Again, our Cosmic Seed Form exists in a “Relative Realm.” Relativity allows us to compare a time around God’s high energy Pulsar, with our current 10,000 years of physical Earth life. [10,000 years is after the last ice age when the vast diversity of life forms appears. The symbolic “Event Horizon” relates to a simple cosmic understanding of how we can work with Light. We can bring all Light back inside and “enlighten” Earth. Fill Consciousness and all Earth with Light, God’s Infinite Intelligence. With this cosmic map, we complete our Earth cycle. Once we complete this step and learn from Good and Evil, we can effectively resolve positive and negative into pure Neutron matter – just like God shares Infinite Intelligence [even as symbolic, bright high energy light from X-rays and Gamma Rays] during our spiritual “beginnings."

Scot Aaron’s new Celestial Cosmology provides a Spiritual, Astrophysical map to circulate God’s Infinite Intelligence within the soul and throughout Earth. Here the theoretical Black Hole is filled with the perfection of Infinite Intelligence. This Infinite Intelligence circulate light as healed matter throughout all aware consciousness. The Event Horizon is a Singularity of Light focusing on God and Oneness, that connects us to our cosmic, eternal cycles of time and space.


More Info: the Celestial Cosmology, uses Relativity to understand Creation. Scot Aaron connects consciousness to The Creation, shows how physical Light as Divine Light is our map to transform Earth into a New Earth. Divine Light fills our cells, our molecules and atoms, as if resurrected as Light, sharing consciousness on a New Earth.

Beyond various travels and university courses, link here for Scot Aaron’s Astrophysical Research.